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JBF stands for Johor Bahru Farm / Jubilee Food Marketing. Johor Bahru Farm incorporated in 1982 was mainly set up to rear cows for the sole purpose of producing milk for the Malaysia local market. Simpang Realty is the company who initiated the formation is itself a farming company. In 1984, James Liew was asked to join the company as their managing director but the offer was turned down. In 1985, James Liew took over 51% of Johor Bahru Farm shares and became the managing director. As the company was not making any profit due to the lack of milk from the cows, milk had to be bought from the Malaysian Milk Collecting Center (MCC). Johor Bahru Farm, a producer became a buyer and JBF decided to turn the company into a milk processing company processing fresh milk for the local market rather than producing milk. The brand JBF fresh milk was founded.

In 1987, Bukit Garing Dairy, a K.L. based fresh milk processing company which suffered huge loses at that time, approaches JBF to merge. JBF turned down the offer and ultimately James Liew took over the entire operation in K.L. of Bukit Garing and a marketing company named Jubilee Food Marketing, which is initial JBF. This took effect in March 1988 and Jubilee Food Marketing at that time was the only company producing fresh milk from Johor.

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