Company Profile

JBF stands for Johor Bahru Farm / Jubilee Food Marketing. Johor Bahru Farm incorporated in 1982, was mainly set up to rear cows for the sole purpose of producing milk for the Malaysian local market. Simpang Realty, the company who initiated the formation, is itself a farming company.

In 1984, James Liew was asked to join the company as their Managing Director but the offer was initially turned down. In 1985, James Liew took over 51% of Johor Bahru Farm shares and became the Managing Director. As the farm was not making any profit due to the lack of milk from the cows, milk had to be bought from the Malaysian Milk Collecting Center (MCC). Johor Bahru Farm, a producer became a buyer and JBF decided to turn the company into a milk processing company, processing fresh milk for the local market rather than producing milk. The brand JBF fresh milk was then founded.

In 1987, Bukit Garing Dairy, a K.L. based fresh milk processing company which had suffered huge losses at that time, approaches JBF to merge. JBF turned down the offer and ultimately James Liew took over the entire operation of Bukit Garingin KL,and set up a marketing company named Jubilee Food Marketing, which is initiated JBF. This took effect in March 1988 and Jubilee Food Marketing at that time was the only company marketing fresh milk from Johor.

In the years to follow, demand for fresh milk increased tremendously, but supply was so scarced that there was a big shortage.SusuLembuAsli, a local company who has strong ties with the MCC has the privilege to receive more milk supply from MCC when it merged with a Dutch company named Dutch Lady. JBF, too small and weak to do anything at that moment was on the verge of collapsing. James Liew, the managing director took a very drastic step and twisted the company into a beverage producer and stop processing milk. JBF then started selling its fresh juices to supermarkets, disco/karaoke throughout the country and became second to none in the supply of juices to such outlets.

Johor Bahru Farm eventually was sold to a Singaporean company in 1992. After the sale of Johor Bahru Farm, the brand JBF became the property of Jubilee Food Marketing. Jubilee Food Marketing (JBF) then started to expand its market size by increasing its range of beverage products from a few varieties to all kinds of juice products. In 1997, JBF was initiated with a special packing which is a CAN made from PET material. It was the PET CAN. Stunned by the idea, JBF invested heavily in the innovation of the  PET CAN and started a PET plastic factory in the outskirt of K.L. JBF then started producing all kinds of PET bottles, for which its most unique packaging is  PET CAN. It was a major seller, and numerous kinds of packaging, including animated packaging were then introduced into the market.

JBF then became one of the pioneer juice companies to produce PET CAN and animated bottles. In the year 1998, JBF decided to go global and PJ Natural Food Product Sdn Bhd was incorporated to do so. “Natural” brand fruit juice in PET CANS was then launched into the market.

PJ Natural, P for plastic and J for juice was the symbol, and PJ Natural Food Product S/B became one of the pioneer juice companies to have an indoor PET plastic and CANNING facility in its operation. PJ Natural Food Product S/B then became the production arm for Jubilee Food Marketing. Jubilee Food Marketing is the sole distributor of all PJ Natural Food products.

PJ Natural has a full range of PET blowing machines and injection machines producing all sizes of PET preform and bottles for its own needs. PJ Natural has two filling lines. One operated by a fully automatic linear filler which can fill 2,400 bottles an hour, and another fully automatic rotary filling machine which can fill up to 6,000 bottles an hour. PJ Natural has a complete range of packing and labeling machines that can enhance the company’s capacity to manage huge orders in the future. PJ Natural was certified with HACCP, ISO22000 and HALAL. This will enable us to penetrate into the vast American and European markets including that of Australia and New Zealand. Currently, PJ Natural is exporting its juice products to numbers of countries globally, India being the biggest among all.

Production of PJ Natural includes health and energy drinks. PJ Natural also does OEM packing for a number of companies, locally and abroad.

To summarize, we have been in operation since 1985 till 2016 which is 31 years in total. Currently, all operations of PJ Natural Food Product Sdn Bhd is located at No. 98, 99 & 100A, Jalan KIP 9, Taman Perindustrian KIP, 52200, Kuala Lumpur.